This blog has been a long overdue one.

Why do we write? I can’t possibly know that for sure, but I keep trying to venture a guess.
Using the 26 alphabets of the English language, with the aid of spaces, numbers and punctuation marks, we are able to create something that is completely our own. A thought that takes birth in our minds is given a physical form with the written word. It can conquer the highest peaks of human imagination; it can explore the unscrupulous depths of a dark path.

And everything in between!

This blog aims to publish my take on each and everything that I find interesting. And when I say everything, I mean everything under the sun. Or the moon! 🙂

Maybe nobody will read it. Maybe those who do disprove. Or maybe people find it worth a glance.

Either way, I am creating something that is completely my own, and that is enough to bring a smile on my face. For now 😉


❤ xoxo ❤


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