The Perils of Positivity

Human beings are addicted to hope, I believe. Or maybe that’s just me.

They say love makes the world go round. I am guilty of using this phrase on multiple occasions. The ardent romantic in me refuses to die, no matter how many times it has been bludgeoned to death. Like a stupid phoenix, it rises from the ashes, over and over again.

And more importantly, why?

It’s so plain and simple. For me at least. This four-letter word called “HOPE”.

It’s not the Bollywood-inspired melodrama-loving heart of mine that makes me believe in the holy bliss showered by cupid. No!

It is this damn hope that refuses to let go of me. It has its talons locked firmly over my soul, my companion through every thing.

I’m never getting rid of it, I have made my peace with that. I don’t know if that’s necessarily a good thing, though.

Hope makes you do crazy things. It gives you wings to fly, sure. But man it flies you to these bizarre mountains of optimism which gives you a brilliant outlook of the broader scope, but makes it near impossible to focus on the little things.

And it’s the little things which eventually get to you and bring you crushing back into the reality you so very neatly tried to avoid.

I have been told that I am too much of an optimist. Quite frankly, I disagree. I mostly try to follow the “Expect the best but prepare for the worst” ideology.
But this expecting for the best has gone out of hand for me off-lately.

You know who suffers when your positivity gets blown out of proportion? Practicality, that’s who!

We blame our poor heart for everything. But it’s the mind we need to keep a check on. The reason placebo effect is extensively researched in medical science is primarily because the mind is powerful beyond our wildest imaginations. It makes you feel things that might not even be there.

And that’s where my problem with hope lies. It latches onto an idea that may or may not exist in the human realm. And then it takes flight. And what a flight!

It drives me insane sometimes.

But then again, it is this ridiculous level of optimism that has helped me fight through the darkest nights. Even when I truly believed that I had lost all hope, there it was. Glimmering in a tiny corner, making its presence felt with every breathe, staying with me and never letting me give up.

So here I am, once again, with my eyes full of dreams, living in my own world and seeing my surroundings with a rose-tinted view, hoping, hoping as always, that everything will eventually make sense.

And it will!

– J

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