Damn Love

Isn’t it funny how almost whole of the world revolves around this one word – LOVE !
Like, seriously, people can be as manipulative and selfish as they want to be, but the truth is, we all want some loving. I don’t know a single female who can watch a sappy love story and not feel the buzzing sensation in her stomach. Or some gone-cases like me end up crying!

Love makes the world go round. Fact!

But its not called damn love for nothing.

I cannot even begin writing about the problems that this thing causes, because of the sheer volume of the possible issues it creates. Every single guy/girl has a different heartache. Every committed couple encounters a unique set of problems.
Women are emotional fools, hung up on huge expectations which may never get fulfilled, hopelessly believing that a knight in a shining armor will sweep them off their feet someday, and life will be a blissful fairy tale that day forth.

Sheer nonsense!

But who am I to comment. I am one of those hopeless romantic women who dream of the perfect man.

Like most eccentric girls, I too have a checklist of an Ideal Guy.

Yes I am a romantic.
But I don’t believe in love anymore.
Or do I?
I don’t know!

This is one conflicted topic I keep battling myself.
Then again, its just my first post. Its just a beginning.
The chronicles of damn love shall be revisited time and again.
After all, what is life, if its not about love?
And what is love if its not complete insanity ?

– J

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