Why women cry?

I read the status update of a friend on facebook, which states “ the dreams of a man and the smile of a woman can do anything in the world.”
Dreams of a man can indeed work wonders. But the magic tool of a woman is not her smile. It’s the tears!

In every argument, every fight, every simple discussion in which we feel that we’re losing the debate, we tend to cry. A howling cry or simple sobs, no matter what path the tears take! Once they are out there on our cute faces, BAM, we’re back in the game!

It doesn’t really matter if the man is logically correct. He stops arguing and then somehow, what was supposed to be a big fight ends up being a wooing and pampering ritual in order to get his lady love to smile!
Poor men!
Their practicality is no match for a woman in tears!

Why we cry?
For power ! For regaining the control we feel we are losing!
Who says only men have huge egos? Women have much worse ego hassles. Especially in relationships.

We are a manipulative species, and tears are our weapons of mass destruction. They are so charming that they can make the strongest of men melt. They are so overbearing that they can mould the situation completely in the woman’s favor. And they are so subtle that they don’t seem manipulative at all.

The dreams of a man and the smile of a woman may or may not be able to do anything in the world, but the tears of a woman can surely move mountains !

– J

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    agreed….. womens are manipulative bitches… male's ego is like served in a platter and females is like poison in the milk…. i hate the crying routine… why do u have to show that u r fucking weak to gain control. at one point u want to be judged as equal and when u fail or dont stand up u cry(not point u persay) gave some balls and argue with the reasons and accept when u r wrong…..


  2. zeisha

    @shashank : love the platter-milk analogy! n we dont cry because we r weak and cannot regain control by other means. we cry because its the sure-fire quickest way to instant control !fast and easy !@ranjan : yup. tears work so well becasue its easy to guilt-trip boys into losing their mind !


  3. Abhishek Bangrania

    I've been reading your blog of late. And, I am loving it. Being an avid blogger myself, I consider it to be the best medium to express yourself. As far as the present post goes, I believe if you let tears come it helps in watering your soul. So, cry as much as you can! Keep writing stuff!


  4. baba bassy

    i believe men don't start pampering just cause they don't want thr lady to cry but they actually find a way to get out of that unintellectual and illogical so called argument.we are smart enough to act like a stupid so that u feel v r actually stupid and that results to end a baseless blah blah argument.


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