The Write Time!

From my last post to now, its almost been an entire year.
And I haven’t written anything yet..

Complacent behavior is increasingly becoming my forte it seems.

Not that I don’t want to write, or I don’t have anything to write about.

Its just that, writing gives a physical form to our thoughts.
And that scares me.
Here’s why !

I have a theory. as long as a thought is, well, a ‘thought’, it can be ignored. It doesn’t exist. It has no form, no meaning. It is a part of our own little universe, with no significance on the physical plane what-so-ever!

Even when we orally share our thoughts with someone, its still on a different plane.
But once a thought is written (or typed, owing to the technology boom!), it attains a physical form. It can now no longer be ignored, for now, it is in the realms of the physical world. It has a form. Suddenly everything becomes more real, and you have to face it, accept it and live with it.

And that can be scary.

Which probably caused my writers’ block.

Okay no, not literally. I have been writing things every now and then. But they were too personal to be shared.

But now that I logged into my blog, and realized how I had abandoned it for almost a year, I remembered the love for writing that I have.
So, I am writing this.

Who knows for how long I will keep writing…
It might end again tomorrow.
Or it will last a lifetime….


– J

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