Love and other drugs

Why is it so easy to write about this topic? Baffles me..!!

So much has been said already, so many movies have been made, so many stories have been told.

And yet, we ( me, and people like me, alteast ) can never resist reading more about this topic.

Reading, talking, chatting, basically everything.
Love is the most addictive drug ever..!!

Why, even when a person is not in love, the thought of love, the ideology of love and things similar to it, are highly addictive.

Every girl has been through the cant-get-him-out-of-my-head phase!
All you want to do is talk about him. Bringing his name into every conversation becomes mandatory. His texts make your day. One look at him makes you smile like a 5 year old who was allowed to eat an entire chocolate !!

And this is not the case of a pain-in-the-ass clingy girlfriend hung up on her boyfriend. NO.

This happens to the best of us. It might be a crush, a passing phase, or just a random guy we saw… But somehow, suddenly it becomes our most important duty to talk to our gal-pals about the mystery guy!

Wait, no, cant generalize.

There are certain guys who get hooked on to some alluring females as well.
But i have to admit, guys aren’t half as obsessed about love-stuff as we girls tend to be. Most girls wont ever admit it, but know that its true. Love makes our world go round..!

And its not just our own love stories that we are interested in. We LOVE to talk about each and every love story we can get our hands on. Be it a friend’s tryst with the matters of the heart, or even the cliches depicted in movies/serials… For us, a love story is a love story, and we can go for hours on end to discuss every nooks and corners about what happened, how it should have happened, how things went and how things could have gone!

Why this obsession?? If only I knew..!!

Okay wait.. I know why I am like this.

What else do you expect from a female whose first movie ever was DDLJ, and who practically grew up believing in fairy tales and expecting them to happen in real life?

Why yes, I am proud to be a love-struck feller!
*twinkly eyes*

Just a lonesome dreamer waiting for miracles to occur!!
Oh… Have to go now.
I smell a love story brewing somewhere 😉


– J

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  1. thy friend of misery

    wow you write up good… Only a few drugs are comparable to love(don't do drugs, they are costly and illegal :P)… and yet only a few can have That much of an impact on you as Love can have… well written and executed… Keep writing frequently…


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