Life Happens….!!!

Things happen when you least expect them..

There can never be a statement more truthful than this!

I mean, what is up with that anyway?

God/Life/Destiny/Whatever finds it pretty amusing i guess. We keep running around, looking for something, our one true desire, and we never find it. And when we give up, accept our fate, let go of our chase, then BOOM !!!

Suddenly, every thing we have been looking for is there. Right in front of us…!
And that leaves us baffled as well. Now that what we want is ours, what next? Do we embrace it, leave it or what?

And why is that even a question? Isn’t it the best feeling to get whatever you want?
Yet, somehow, we are afraid… Afraid to be happy actually..!!

No matter how weird it sounds, its true.

I don’t know about men, but us women, we are a strange species..!! Every shot at happiness terrifies us at first. Things seem too good to be true. We question every intention of the universe to bring us to that happiness. Especially those of us who have emerged out of turbulent pasts… The open-eyed dreamers turn skeptic… And then, it becomes a matter of choice.

Yes, choice. Happiness is a matter of choice. And when life hits in you in the face with a shot at happiness, we sit back and think what to choose… Take a chance to be happy or just sit like a vegetable?

The vegetable bit is an easy choice. Its stable, secure, known territories, our own little comfort zone. Nothing ever goes wrong here.. So when life happens, we ignore it. We prefer being comatose rather than taking a plunge… Which is a sane decision. Nothing ever goes wrong here, true… But nothing amazing happens either…

Its hard, almost impossible to say “yes” to a new beginning. But us dreamers can never really give up, despite all the skepticism. So lets take a chance, shall we? It might be scary as hell, but it can develop into a beautiful adventure. Awesomeness begins when you least expect it, and just when you think that things can never get any better, well, life happens… And it just might be the best thing to ever come your way *winks* 🙂


– J

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