The Season of Love

Aah February!
The month of St. Valentine.

And the undisputed month of love!
When the winter chills are just enough to make your cheeks blush in the deepest of pinks…  And in that gentle breeze, you can feel the love.

Yes indeed, romance is in the air.
No, not for the skeptics. For us hopeless romantics 😉

I blame these untimely rains, which have created an illusion of charm around me. To make matters worse, I keep listening to “The Rhythm of Love” in the back drop. It doesn’t take much to awaken the romantic in me!

What is it about Valentine’s day that makes people gush over it so much? Girls giggle, boys go crazy planning the perfect date, and both of them spend countless hours in putting together the perfect gift. It all just doesn’t make sense to me. Frankly, I think people overdo it.

Its not like its wrong to make the day special. That’s natural. But running around like a headless chicken for weeks for one perfect day, now that is hard to digest.

Men say they don’t care about it, which they actually don’t. Which leaves the women in utter dismay and confusion as in how to make the day special. It would be great if the guy could simply tell us one little thing that he would like. That makes our lives much easier.

And women? Sheesh, we are impossible. We never tell the man what we want, and yet we expect them to magically know our hearts and give us a special surprise. To quote a movie, we want to be ” the girlfriend who didn’t ask for anything so you’d want to get me something really great”. ( I don’t remember the movie in which I heard this quote. The actress saying this was Leighton Meester though 😛 )

Anywho, so its safe to say that the girlfriend can get very pissed pretty easily, that too over nothing. Good luck out there, boys ! 😛

But somehow, despite all these hassles and pointless drama, Valentine’s day still holds a special place in our hearts. Its not like we require a special day to tell someone how we feel, or to spend quality time with them. But it still feels good, to have a day for love.

And who says you need to go overboard with extravagant plans and gifts and what-nots? A single rose does the trick, if you ask me!

Valentine’s is all about expressing your deepest emotions to the one you love. And that does not involve expensive gifts and dinners. C’mon people, we have birthdays for that ! :p

It could be your first valentine together, the third, or the thirtieth. Take the day to celebrate the bond that you share. Its the season of love, after all! Nothing is too cheesy, nothing is a cliche and there is no limit on love. Spend the entire day together, or just call up to tell someone that you love them. Acknowledge this day and ask your special someone to be your Valentine. You’d be surprised how easily such a simple question can brighten someone’s day! 🙂

Have a Happy Valentine’s everyone 🙂

– J

Image Source : WordPress Free Photo Library provided by Pexels

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