The Turning Tides of Time.. !!

Yes, alliteration.
I know, not the best way to title your post.
But cut me some slack, will you?
It has been, what, more than a year since I last wrote something..

No wait. Let’s give it some time, for the last sentence to sink in.
More than a year. WOW.
Has it been that long?
I really should write in here more.
This blog is becoming like a New Year Resolution for me.
Every time I revisit , I promise myself that I will not discontinue this time.
But I guess I’m just an Indian politician by heart, making false promises which I have no intentions of keeping.
What? I am entitled to a political reference. It’s election season for heaven’s sake !

Okay enough rambling.
So my last post was about Valentine’s day. All so happy and mushy and drowned in love. Yuck!
I mean, who cares if its Valentine’s day ? What does this day remind us?
It makes the single folks miserable for having a constant reminder of not having anyone by their side.
And it makes the committed suffer, for they are heavily burdened by the immense pressure of living up to the over-hyped expectations of this frivolous day.
In a nut shell, its a day to go nuts. So why bother, eh?

In any case who needs a day to celebrate love? Or any day , for that matter? Naah.. Its a ridiculous concept.
Except MY Birthday of course. Its the most important day of the year. 😀

What i’m trying to say is, well, quite frankly i don’t know.
Just going through my blog makes me happy and sad both.
Everytime i return from a hiatus, it seems like I’m a completely different person.
So many things change. LIFE changes completely. And nothing is the same anymore.
Like this sabbatical, for instance.
What my life was like when I wrote my last post, and what its like now, are poles apart. So much has happened over this time period, I cannot even begin to explain. Or understand. Its like my world came crashing down and life as I knew it had changed forever.

But when your world shatters around you and you break down inside completely, you find yourself.

I found myself.

And boy, was I surprised by what I found
I’m the same girl i have always been!

Yes, things change, priorities change, surroundings change, life changes. Maybe my perspectives have changed. Of course, I have grown to be a stronger and better woman. Of course I am more wise today than I was yesterday. Of course everything around changes.
But the base of me, the core, did it really change?
I mean, can I read these old blog posts and feel a disconnect to them? No.
I can go back and forth to every moment I’ve lived, every memory I’ve created, and I will always feel a passionate connection to them. Because its all a part of me. A part of me that I will carry within forever. Because in the scheme of things, what lies within us is what matters the most, and what lies within us keeps growing, like an expanding universe, if you will. But in the heart of it all, we’re still the same person.

And because I know I’m the same person, I know that whatever hardships I may face, I will keep on emerging stronger. That’s how I have always been. That’s how I will always be. And that will never change!

– J

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