The journey of my 100 Happy Days!

So the buzz has been going around since the start of the year. The newest resolution, the in-thing, which everybody was doing. Some think it is blatantly ridiculous. Some left it midway. And some delusional folks completed the challenge.

Where do I fall into ?
Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows that I belong to the third kind.
Delusion is my strong suite, I’ve been told !

Tomorrow is my 100th Day, and I would complete the challenge.
So how do I feel? How was the journey? What does completing the challenge mean to me ?

Hmm.. Wow I really am interviewing myself here, aren’t I ? Delusional, did I not tell you? 😛

Okay jokes apart. I’ve read many online posts about people condemning the idea. They say that its impossible to capture the essence of the day in a picture, or that the need to post the picture online is frivolous, and my personal favorite, that will you stop being happy after the 100 days are over?
All valid points, no second guessing that.

It is true that we don’t need a project to try to be happy. It should come from within. Happiness that comes naturally to you is the best kinds. And I couldn’t agree more.
But what if you are not feeling it ? Should you accept defeat and be miserable ? No. Atleast I can’t!

Happiness should come from within, yes. But when it does not, you fight for it. You strive for it.
And no matter  how life seems, you look at the positives and feel good about them.
We’re not supposed to hold on to the bad in life. We learn from the bad. We take lessons from the experiences. But we don’t hold on to the negativity. We let it go.
What we need to hold on to, is the good in life. That’s worth keeping..!

Easy as it sounds, I never actually could do that. If I had a bad day, I would just accept it and hope for a better day for tomorrow. But now, even if I have a bad day, I focus on the good that happened and remember the day for that. I remember that I am strong enough to hold my head up high and face the sun, and not worry about the shadows. I realized that we can create our own sunshine..!

Now shouldn’t I have been able to do all this before? Yes, I probably should have.
But hey, I’m just a human. Nobody is perfect out here. We learn in our own ways and in our own sweet time..!
And ridiculous as it may seem, it is easier to achieve something when challenged for it.

So its not like my 100 days were filled with joy and rainbows and unicorns and chocolate flavoured diamonds flowing all around. NO !
They were very real and normal days with a lot of mess that were turned into beautiful memories by perception..! Like they say, when you wake up each day, you have a choice. Be sad and go through the day, or be happy and live it to the fullest.
I chose to be happy . I choose to be happy..!

And what do you know? Once you figure out that it indeed is possible to actually decide to be happy, then the happiness starts coming naturally from within. Gradually in these 100 days, I became a much happier person, simply because I chose to be so..!

What I’m saying might not make sense to a lot of people, and many, MANY might call me delusional (many already do :p ), still I really couldn’t care less.

I might not post anymore day – by – day photos about what made me smile that day, but that does not mean I’m going to stop looking for that one moment in each day which makes everything seem rosy. Because I’ve found out that the true source of happiness lies within me and nobody, Nobody can stop me from channeling it as long I choose to be happy..!

A 100 days older. A 100 days wiser. A 100 days happier 🙂

xoxo 😉

– J

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