The wounds have begun to heal
And in my heart, I can feel…
Stronger than before
Wiser than you know
Rekindled, the fire grows
I’m alive!

The clouds have lifted
I feel light..!
I’m coming home after a long fight!
I’m a survivor..
I’m flying higher..
The day is shining bright
After a long night
And I’m alive !

I wanted to smile
But maybe I forgot how
There was a hole in my heart
But its starting to fill now
Blessing my stars, I stand
Taking a bow…
It feels so good again now..
To be alive..!

A part of me that was long dead
It’s coming back to life…
All the suffering
All the strife
I thought I got struck by a knife
But now its gone
The pain, its not there
Vanished into thin air
In a single blow
Now I know
What it feels like
To dream again
To hope again
To smile again
And to love…
Now I know
What it feels like
To be alive..!
And now I know
I’m not afraid to show
This fire continues to grow
Within, my soul smiles
The wait has been worthwhile
After a long time
I’m alive !

– J

Image Source : WordPress Free Photo Library provided by Pexels

Copyright Disclaimer: I do not own the images / media featured in the post. All rights belong to the rightful owner/owners. No copyright infringement intended.


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