Of sleepless nights and more!

Artists. Lovers.
Writers. Poets. Students.
Believers. Achievers. Dreamers.

We love the night.
The peace, the quiet, the dark.
The freedom to be our own person. To let it all go. To shout out loud the things we dare not think of in broad daylight, but what drives our innermost desires.
There is comfort in the dark.
It’s there for us, to let us breathe in a sacred space available only to us, away from the prying eyes of the world and immersed within such depths of our soul, it is almost surreal.
Funny how in childhood, we feared the dark, and now, it is our best friend!
A strong testimony to the fact that things don’t always turn out the way we’d expect them to.

There is beauty in the night. A certain charm.
They say that you cannot hide your true self in light. That the secrets of the dark will come to light. That truth emerges out in the day. But is that really so?
If you ask me, in darkness, we shed away the facades we put on to show the world. The illusion breaks and reality seeps in. And there is truth.
There is truth in the dark.
People cannot hide their true self. Because the beauty of the night is such a compelling allure, you cannot help but be yourself, your truest self. Without any pre conceived notions. Without any inhibitions. Without any fear.
You are you!

The conversations you have post-midnight are the conversations you remember for a lifetime.
The time you spend introspecting at night, is the time you most cherish.
The peace of mind you can find in the calm realms of a sublime night, it is that peace your heart craves for!

There is a sense of vulnerability during the night. And we choose to be so.
We bare our soul, shed our inhibitions, embrace everything about ourselves and let it all go.
And somehow, this only happens during the night.

On a sleepless night, whether alone with your thoughts, or with a special someone, or with a group of friends, or with anyone, ask yourself this. Why is this moment seemingly more special than the ones occurring in the day? Why do we feel secure and safe? Why do I connect with solitude? Why am I able to share my lifestory with such an ease? Why , on some level, am I charmed by the night?

It is because when the sounds of the day are drowned in the silences of the night, there is only one voice that you can hear – Your heart’s!

– J

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