Isn’t it funny how all our lives revolve around this tiny four-letter word?
I have said it before. I shall say it again. Love makes our world go round!

Whether you are in love or know someone in love or read love stories or watch romantic movies, you cannot escape the shackles of this word. This feeling!

And why is love so strongly connected to rainfall? Or is that just specific to me?
Oh well….

The past week, rainfalls have been playing hide and seek with the sun, and apparently the sun decided to go easy on them and is safely tucked away in its happy place. Yes, these are lazy-weather days. Yes, I love them.
Well, mainly because they give me ample inspiration for my mind to wander off into its own fantasy world and come across every thought that exists on the face of this earth.

But more often than not, I find it wandering to the resting spot of this dreaded four-letter word.
So much affection for Love. So much affliction associated with it.

People talk about fairy-tale romances and happily ever-afters. We grow up believing that we will meet someone, fall in love, and that would be it. It should be simple. Happy.
More often than not, that is nowhere close to how it is. There are literally a million things that can go wrong and do go wrong. Murphy’s law is there to screw it up for us all.

But then, what about all the great love stories? The fairy-tales? The “happily ever-afters”?

I gave a long thought to all the great love stories I have read and known. Be it from children’s books or from soap-opera dramas or Bollywood/Hollywood or even the legend himself, Shakespeare.
Turns out, all the great love stories have enough turmoil to scar you for life.

Think about it.
We remember the historic lovers for all that they endured for the sake of a single smile on their lover’s lips.
Had they been simple boy-meets-girl and they fall in love, they would never have graced the pages of history. And no way such simplistic stories would have been etched in our hearts for decades and more.

The sheer intensity of passion that consumes a person enough to let everything go and rage a war against the world for a single soul is what makes their story worth remembering.

The feeling of love comes easy, as it should. When it is the right person, the emotions flow freely through your veins and you fall for them with every single cell in your body. It is that simple.

But the story? The path you carve for yourself to be with The One is the glory of your struggle to be a hero in love. It is here where you know that this is it.
Would anyone have ever really cared about Romeo and Juliet or Heer and Ranjha had their love not been opposed by everyone around them?
Would you have truly felt the emotions of Elizabeth had she fallen in love with Mr. Darcy at the first sight?
Would Ross and Rachel be lobsters if they weren’t on-again-off-again?

You might not agree. You might think I am being ridiculously absurd. You might think love can and should be simple.

But I read this beautiful quote somewhere that makes me feel otherwise.

“There are many ordinary and simple things in life. Love should never be one of them”

Never settle for ordinary in your life. Go out and find a love that consumes you.
And when you do, you will see.
It is the most beautiful thing ever!

– J

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