Life has its own little ways of reaching out to you and extending a hand filled with happiness.
And most of it happens when you least expect it.

But some ways are certain.

For a lover to speak to his special someone.
For a foodie to eat out his heart’s desire.
For an artist to create a masterpiece.

It varies for different people. It varies for same.
You can have multiple instances that will make you happy, no matter what.
The list is infinite and ever-expanding. And that is a good thing!

But there are some things which take happiness to a different level. It is almost meditative.
Because it not only brings out a lovely smile on your lips, but it rushes a strong sensation through your body and lights you up from the inside. It gets your heart pumping and sends waves of joy across your mind.
It relaxes you. Soothes you.

You feel like you are in a trance.
You are transported to a different world, your own paradise.

There is no set way which makes you feel like this. There are a special few, unique for everyone.

For avid readers, however, reading a good book is a sure-fire path leading to instant gratification.
We don’t just read it for the story.
We read it for how it makes us feel, how it affects our thought, how we interpret each and every scenario happening in a fictional land that is real to us.
We read it for the exquisitely beautiful dance of the words, how the alphabets and spaces are strung together in a perfect harmony, bringing a new world to life!

In a lot of ways, a good book is like a black hole, pulling you towards its core.
You can’t help but be drawn within the depths, unsure of when you could surface back.
And once there, you like it.
It bares your soul, strips down your inhibitions, and makes you question each and everything.
You get so engrossed within this realm that you barely notice that the gravity is no longer there and you are free to resurface and breathe again.

But somehow, being buried underneath the intricate imagery feels at home.

And you are left dazed!

Yes, you have an out-of-body experience, in which your soul is immersed in the world the writer paints with his words. And you feel completely at ease.

It is the best kind of high, for even as days pass by after finishing a book, the scent lingers on and continues to unclench your nerves.

Such is the magic of a powerful literature!

The drug that I swear by is Paulo Coelho.
Yes, you can get lost in reverie by reading any author of your choice, but it would be unfair on my part to write about the mystical allure of literature and not mention him.

For the past 3 days, my nose has been buried in his books, and they make me feel alive!
His writing is simple in a way that he conveys the most baffling philosophies about love and life using such beautiful words with the backdrop of mesmerizing stories, that I keep revisiting them over and over again.
To say that I am obsessed with his books would be an understatement!

And no matter how I am feeling, once I start reading, I get transported into another dimension where we become one with the cosmos and experience the tales told as the stories unfold, and I feel a compelling sense come over me, and take me away!

– J

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