TVD : The Choice to be Good Comes at a Price!

*Spoiler Alert* for The Vampire Diaries 8×11 – You Made a Choice to be Good

Oh my heart. My mopey, love-sick heart!

It is still crying a river for poor Bon-Bon. Can’t the show writers give her a break ever? (Looking at you, Julie Plec)

I felt a deep stab right through my chest the moment Bonnie realizes what is happening and lets out a painful cry as she watches the love of her life die right in front of her eyes. Her expressions are so raw and unhinged that you can’t help feel her grief. Massive props to Kat Graham for her acting skills, especially in the last few minutes. She makes the audience connect perfectly with what Bonnie is feeling.

I mean, think of the complete episode for  a second. No. Think of Bonnie’s entire arc on the show for a second here. She is a powerful witch, coming from a long and heroic lineage of Bennett witches, and she is a master of her craft, perfectly capable of destroying anything that comes in her way.

Yet, her entire existence has been reduced to a mere helper working to make those around her happy. She says so herself in this episode, that once again she will be putting the happiness of others above her own. And she paid the price. Again!

The writers have been killing off and bringing her back to life at the drop of a hat. So much so that it became her prime reason of existence – To die!

So the writers went in for a different angle this time.

Their thought process went something like this :

Hey. We have been screwi86955237ng around forever with Bonnie’s arc, so lets shake things up a little. Let’s give her a random pairing with Enzo, then build up their romance in such a beautiful way that the audience comes not only to care for it but also to ship Benzo just as they do Delena, and then when their time to shine in the sun finally comes, we are going to tear apart any shred of happiness that might come to Bonnie by having Enzo’s heart ripped out by Stefan right in front of her eyes. Wow. Yes, that would be perfect. Why should Bonnie be happy? She’s not a Salvatore. She’s not Elena. Who even cares about her? Amirite? Hehehe

Arrghhhh !

I am so mad at the writers that my thoughts are all jumbled up together. Why did they have to do this? Why?

Yes, I have not been a fan of Enzo since he was first introduced as Damon’s cellmate at the Whitmore house, and I found his story line with the Armory pretty lackluster. And if we’re being honest here, I was appalled at the idea of the random pairing that he had with Bonnie (primarily because I felt that Bonnie deserved better).

But then something changed.

Something happened that none of us could foresee. Bonnie and Enzo fit!

It made no sense to me initially. How did #Benzo become a thing? And then it hit me.

vd809a_0145b_595_mini-logo-tv-white-galleryLook at the life Bonnie has had. Always side-lined for the sake of her friends. Not that I blame her friends for it. It just so happened that the Salvatore brothers always did everything for Elena; Tyler, Matt and Klaus were always vying for Caroline; Damon and Stefan were always looking out for their family; Even Alaric always gave priority to Jenna, Jo and then his kids!
Enter Enzo. Someone who had been a prisoner of torture for years. Someone who was eaten alive by solitude. Someone who craved for a family, for a place to call home.

And he found his home in Bonnie! And once he did, he made sure that she was his number one at all times.

Both of them were broken in different ways, but together, the pieces of their fallen heart finally started coming together to make them whole again. He promised the world to her; She promised to never leave his side. And off, they strolled to their happily ever after.

Or at least that would have been the case had the lives of her friends not become the most important order of the day. Again!

She could have said no. She could have been selfish. She could have put herself first for once. But she made a choice to be good. And she paid the ultimate price.


The only silver lining seems to be the fact that her banshee-like screams over the lifeless body of her lover let out a psychic energy beam, which almost certainly means that her magic is back. Now that would definitely be an asset in defeating Arcadius. But does she even care about that anymore?

With just a handful of episodes left to go, I hope Bonnie’s arc is given the proper respect it deserves and leaves her at a place wherein she can slay as the powerful witch, rule her own empire, and most of all, be happy!

– J

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