The Lost Art of Letter-Writing


Dear AA

This has got to be the most formal way I have ever addressed you. So much so, that I can practically hear you giggling under your breath right this moment. Bear with me now, will you?

I could have written a letter to anyone, but I choose you as the recipient because just like me, you understand the unfathomable power and delicate beauty of the written word. Not many get it, not many take it seriously, and not many put too much thought into it.

Well, scratch the last part. I don’t think either of us also puts that much thought into it. We tend to ramble on and write without thinking too much. Maybe that is the better way to write, is it not? Sometimes I feel like my fingers have a life of their own as they begin to dance all over the keyboard, jumping from one letter to another, mindful of the spaces between them, yet unaware of their own power. And even before I know it, they leave behind an unusual art on the screen of my laptop, for my eyes to witness, for my brain to comprehend, for my soul to soak in.

This may seem crazy but I revel in the raw, unabashed realness of it all. The word “real” has gone a bit too mainstream now, I admit, but there is no better word to describe what I am getting at. And what exactly am I getting at? As if I ever know!

Of course, an appreciation of linguistic abilities is not the sole reason for choosing you. The other reasons need not be explicitly stated in an open letter, and anyway at this point, they are fairly obvious.

Some days I wake up into a crappy mood, unable to understand what exactly caused my spirits to be down that particular day. Is it the lingering after-taste of a bad dream that I now don’t remember? Okay, probably not that, but it makes for an interesting conversation!

I digress.

My point is, we tend to over analyze our emotions at times. And by we, I don’t mean just you and me (for the record, its usually me who over analyzes; rarely, if ever, you). I mean our generation as a whole. Every single moment, we are fighting to find an answer to this age old question : “What makes me happy?”

Don’t get me wrong. I truly believe it is essential to keep asking yourself this. Because if not for finding happiness, life would be a lot less fun (well, literally!).

A few years ago, the following campaign went viral :


Millennials from all walks of life began finding the one thing that made them happy each day, and shared it on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #100HappyDays . Some went ahead and created their own variation with the hashtags #100DaysofFriendship , #365DaysofHappiness , so on and so forth. Heck, people are still following this practice, and honestly, it fills me with a good amount of optimism. I myself had taken part in this challenge back in the day, and for those 100 days, no matter how crappy I felt or how horrendously wrong things went, I was able to find at least one tiny thing that brought a smile to my face, and as a result, I ended up going to bed happy. It had a great impact on my lifestyle and eventually, I became a much more positive person than  I had ever been. I felt empowered; I still do!

The whole search for happiness, search for a place in the world, soaring into the world of our dreams, figuring out myself, finding my soul, making my dreams a reality, errmmm, you get the idea…! So this entire episode really got me thinking. Is it only us? Did the search start with the millennials? With Gen X? The Baby Boomers?  It is not even slightly possible that the idea of finding happiness is a new one. It has got to be around since the very beginning of time. The focus, however, has massively increased with us millennials. And I have a theory why.

See, if we think about the times our grandparents were young, the political scenario was predominantly war-infested. Survival was the key element. They worked hard and their toils paved the way towards a proper education and livelihood for our parents. Our parents’ generation saw globalization happen in a big way. They fought for every opportunity they got and made a significant impact in the world. When we were born, we didn’t have to fight for many things. Most were already laid out in a silver platter for us. We opened the doors to a string of opportunities. We had the luxury to say no. We did not really need to make any major sacrifices to reach where we are today. (Well, this is not a golden rule AT ALL and I know there are multiple exceptions to this, but I am referring to people with backgrounds like yours and mine).

Basically, we have the luxury to question things. We already have the basics in place that a person needs to lead a comfortable life. And precisely that is why we are in a position to be able to chase our dreams and run in a quest to find true bliss.

And this realization in itself makes me happy. Like, truly happy. The kind of happy you can feel inside your bones.

There are too many things that we take for granted in our lives, and maybe if we can appreciate even the tiniest bits of comforts that we have, happiness would no longer seem like a distant dream!

Of course that in no way means we should stop running after our dreams and striving hard to achieve further excellence. It just means that every once in a while, it is not the worst thing to do to slow down, smell the flowers along the road and just…Breathe!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



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