Game of Thrones – 81 Tweets I Posted in Reaction to “Dragonstone”


It’s Game of Thrones season, y’all!

Which obviously means that I am going to be obsessing about it like a maniac and writing blog posts mostly about the show.

Shall we begin? 😉


Here are my Twitter rants, well, precisely the 81 recap/reaction tweets I posted after watching the Season Premiere – “Dragonstone”!

Phew! I sure spent most of my day tweeting the recap in bits and pieces, clubbed with my reaction to the season premiere. All in all, it was a good episode.

And a great day for me, because Game of Thrones is back and for the next 7 weeks, it is going to become the reason for my existence.

I exaggerate, of course. But I am genuinely happy that Game of Thrones is back!

– J

Featured Image : Game of Thrones Facebook Page
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