“Tomorrow is the only day in the year that appeals to a lazy man.” — Jimmy Lyons

It’s Saturday. And a holiday! Yay !

Which also invariably means that it was a super lazy day for me.

Well okay, not totally lazy because I did wake up at a decent time and ended up doing some quality office work from home. But that is about all the productivity I got in today.

I ended up having a fasting period of over 24 hours in between yesterday and today. It wasn’t planned, but I wasn’t really feeling hungry throughout the day. I had a really late lunch (or an early dinner, depends on how you see it) at around 5pm today. That still leaves me in the clear to have brunch tomorrow, followed by a light lunch, and then 18 – 6 hour cycle continues !

I had planned to work out a little and start dancing regularly. Obviously that did not happen, else I’d be going on and on about how wonderful I feel. And the title would be different 😛

But okay. That’s been shifted to tomorrow. And now that I have written it down, I will feel more pressured into doing it. Fitness, here I come ! 🙂

– J

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