Hair Care

“Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off.” — Unknown


You are too quick to get away from me every time, and yet I eagerly await your visit at the end of each week. It is always great meeting you, old friend !

I had a clear mission from the beginning of the day. Today was going to be all about my hair.

I recently chopped off my long locks and opted for my favorite go-to look : Side bangs.

I have been getting side bangs on and off since I was in 11th grade. They have a certain charm about them that I can never shake off. Of course the difference this time was that my bangs were accompanied by a shoulder length layer cut.

Not many people liked the fact that I let go off my long tresses. Yes, I miss them too. But this hair cut was necessary. Off lately, my hair hasn’t felt as great as it used to. And with my crazy work routine, I was not at all able to attend to them. So I took this hard decision. I hope it would be worth it!

I oiled my hair thoroughly today and let the oil stay on for a couple of hours. I used to keep it overnight initially, but turns out that the effect is pretty much the same, so a couple of hours suit me better. The good thing about a hearty oil massage is that it benefits both the scalp and the hair follicles. And when my mom does it, it is super relaxing and nurturing as well. *sigh* I wish I was home!

For shampooing my hair, I try to avoid too hot or too cold water. Lukewarm works best for hair, no matter how hard it is to set the shower to the exact perfect temperature. The struggle is real, folks!

Now I am not in the habit of using a conditioner regularly, but since I am trying to make healthier lifestyle choices, I bought a few sachets. I don’t use a fixed shampoo for a long time because I like to keep changing it for a variety of fragrances. I am pretty happy with my current one, which is an egg-protein based shampoo that lathers well and leaves my hair feeling light and happy!

I followed up the shampoo and conditioning routine with an after-wash serum and voila! Good hair day accomplished!

I used the following products:

One thing that I am particular about is that I let my hair dry naturally. Sure I have used the blow-dryer on occasions when its too cold and I absolutely have to. But apart from those rare occasions, I never use direct heat to dry my hair. The damage Delhi’s pollution causes me on a daily basis is enough!

But for the brief time between right now and stepping out into the dusty surroundings tomorrow, my hair feel lustrous and fabulous. Cue happy music ! 😉

– J

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