“I hate having a song stuck in my head!” — Unknown

It’s not just a lazy rut that I am stuck in. Today was special because I had a song stuck in my head throughout the day. You know how that goes. I didn’t know the lyrics. I couldn’t remember where I heard it. All I could do was hum the tune and hope that somebody could tell me which song it was.

Long story short, my misery came to an end towards the end of the day when one of my friends asked me to sent him a recording of me humming the tune and his girlfriend immediately knew what song it was. Hallelujah !! 🤩

Finally my mind was at peace and over the course of repeatedly listening to the song for an obscene amount of time, I felt reconnected with my goals. It is going to be hard and I know that I am going to struggle a lot, but eventually, I will get there. 🙂

Oh, and here is the song. Enjoy ! 😉

– J

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