“Nothing worth having comes easy.” — Theodore Roosevelt

Today was a good day after a long time! I mean, yes, yesterday was good too. But today was like, really inspiring me again to follow the routine I have decided.

This came as surprise to me, because the past few days I felt like working for nothing. But today was different. Today I genuinely felt like making an effort to get my body back in shape. That brought a smile to my face 🙂

I could not work out much, however, because I was so deeply drowned in work that I managed to come back home only after 10 pm. But I did squeeze in a few stretches and made an updated workout plan for the upcoming week.

Oh, and day after tomorrow, I am going to be doing something I never could imagine myself doing before. I am participating in the Devil’s Circuit challenge. It a strenuous 5km obstacle race that is going to be a tough one to complete. I am honestly terrified that I am going to fall and make a fool of myself, but I am participating along with my friends, so I guess it wouldn’t be so bad.

Psyched? Yes. Freaking out? You betcha ! 😛

– J

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