“Now rest. Tomorrow be strong.” — Unknown

Muscle cramps. How I have missed you!

I remember when I was college and an active member of the dance crew. The first day of practice after break was always fun. The morning after, however, came with a body ache like no other. It was a task to even get out of bed and do the bare minimum. But we did it anyway, and prepared to kick ass every single day.

Today is the same. I had difficulty sleeping because every turn was painful, and every bruise made its presence felt. Once I did manage to get up, I realized that there is no part of my body which does not have a sore muscle at the moment. Going to brush my teeth was also a Herculean task for me. In fact, when I laughed too hard while talking to a friend, I realized my stomach has cramps too. Awesome!

No, actually. I am in pain, but I got this way because I did something great. So it is all worth it. It is actually making me feel stronger and more determined to begin a grueling work out come Monday.

I guess that’s the difference between 18 and 26. At 18, I would be practicing the dance routines with equal vigor and energy despite the cramps. At 26, I am going to eat some food, drink some coffee, watch some TV and get some sleep!


– J

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