I have heard this word on numerous occasions.
Actually, I have probably glanced upon the written word quite often. I’m not even sure if I pronounce it correctly.


I don’t think I ever understood what it meant. Sure, I ventured a guess from the context, and I had some faint idea of what it was supposed to mean. But I think I never truly understood.

I do now.

Why is it that we never fully grasp a concept until it affects us? Writers tell stories, birds sing sweet songs and history is written to ensure we know what is, what was and what can be. But it never really sets till we go through the burning fire ourselves.

That is the curse of existence, is it not? To know and yet, to never understand.

Or understand when it is too late.

Is it ever too late, actually?
It is a lie we tell ourselves to sit comfortably in the shackles we have tied on our own. Because that is the easy way out. The known devil.

There is this George R.R. Martin quote that always rings in my head:
“Death is so terribly final, while life is full of possibilities”.

Don’t we all know it already? Life is full of possibilities. Some conjured up in the innocent dreams of a child. Some rooted in the realities of life. And some beyond the depths of human imagination.

The possibilities are endless.

So how can it ever be too late?

I know it sounds idyllic, but really, it is the truth. I mean, not all possibilities are what we would want or could even imagine happening. It happens nonetheless, and it is every bit a part of who we are and what our story is.

The inner turmoil that a cathartic event brings with it is undeniable. There is destruction and hope and despair and relief. There is a wind of change rushing through with a speed our hearts can barely stand. There is a state of total chaos.

But what is chaos if not a chance to rebuild a new reality?

A storm brews on and a world comes crumbling down.

Whats left behind is a blank page, the beginning of a new story. And with it comes what we all crave. Because in the midst of chaos is where we find eternal peace!

– J

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