It’s okay to be okay. It’s okay to not be okay.

And yet we make a big deal out of it, don’t we?

If someone is not okay, we want to help. We want to make them feel okay again. We are driven by our emotions; our actions an extension of what our heart yearns to do.

Don’t get me wrong. That is a good thing. Only someone who truly cares for another is bothered by them not being okay. It could be empathy, or sympathy, and both stem from a place of concern.

Tell me, would you want to see the one you love with a blank expression on their face, as they stare into nothingness, seemingly drifting apart from you?

But they aren’t. They are going nowhere. They are here, with you.

They just seem distant because they need the distance to gain perspective into their own minds, their own hearts.

Sometimes we are so connected to our surroundings that we lose touch with our own selves. We jump into the deepest of oceans to find what lies within us. So close, and yet, so out of reach.

So we seek the abyss. Maybe it has an answer we are looking for?

Does it though?


Truthfully, nothing other than our own selves can assist us in this journey.

Who can tell me who I am better than me?
Who really knows me better than me?

Everyone knows we should seek peace from within. Everyone knows that. Should I try meditation? isn’t that what helps you bring solace?

Don’t I know that already?

It’s easy to know what the right thing to do is. It is the execution where the battle is lost!

So post midnight, the mind wanders. Deep into the territories it should be leaving behind. Away from its own surroundings. Away from meaningless conversations. Away from loved ones. And into its own world of nothingness.

And what do we see once we are there? We need to go back!

This life that we have created for ourselves is beautiful. It takes distance to see that, to appreciate that.

We know what we have and we are grateful for it everyday. The darkest nights and brightest days make for a wonderful story we are pleased to call our own.

We know that.

So why does the mind wander? Why do we alienate people? Why do we keep running away?

Because sometimes, when the letters are too close to your eyes, you can’t read them!

So we fly into nothingness, to be not okay for a while.
And once back, we won’t magically be great again. We would just be okay.

And it’s okay to be okay! 🙂

– J

Image Source : WordPress Free Photo Library provided by Pexels

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