The Decisions We Make

We can argue for hours on end whether life is simple or difficult. I know I have argued from both sides of this point. Moments like these, I curse myself for my dominant Libra trait of seeing things from both sides. Sure, it gives me a balanced perspective across the spectrum, but man, it makes taking a decision all the more hard.

It’s not like decision-making is easy for anyone. You don’t have to be born in late September (or early October) to face such a dilemma. It just adds to my confusion. And obviously, it is much, much more convenient to blame it on my zodiac rather than take accountability for my own inability to decide. Right?


It is a scary world in general. The pandemic has only made things worse. And with no end in sight, we are all sort of living in limbo. It feels like the concept of time has ceased to exist. But here’s the kicker – time is running at its own smooth pace. It waits for no one, least of all you and me. Us mere mortals hold no significance for it. But oh, the consequences it could have on us!

So with our back against the wall, we are pushed to take decisions we might not be comfortable making. But what choice do we have? Of course in theory, it is easy to say there is always a choice. I mean technically, yes, we have multiple choices. But maybe sometimes, logic prevails over idealism, and we see reality for how it actually is instead of tinting it with our biased ideas of perfection.

And we make decisions that could alter our fate. Or at least, we try to.

The ifs and buts will haunt us, yes. It is part of their job. And they are truly dedicated workers. They will not leave you alone. The onus falls on us. We need to build those walls around us to save us from ourselves. Sometimes, our own mind can be our worst enemy. It’s insane!

Which brings us back to the key question. Is life easy or difficult?

Well, I don’t know. In a true diplomatic response, I feel it varies from time to time. So I guess it is both? Depends on our current mindset, I believe. When things go well, we feel that life is easy. The tiniest of inconvenience hits, and lo and behold! Life is the most treacherous wreck we have ever had to deal with. All it takes is a moment for life to go from a dream to a nightmare.

But maybe, just maybe, all it takes is a moment for life to go from awful to amazing?

We have to keep holding out hope for that one moment. Because eventually, it will be ours. Isn’t that how the wheel works? Everything that goes up, comes down, and on and on it goes.

So our fortunes change. That’s a fact. No one is ever miserable for the entirety of their lives. Things change, and change can be good.

So take that decision which has been bugging you. You know you have to. You have known all along. Maybe try to let go of the fear. You have to trust the process. You have to trust yourself. There is only so much you can do, there is only so much you can control. Do what you can, put in your efforts, and sooner or later, you will reap the results. All we need is time.

And so, we wait. And so, I wait.

– J

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