Paris Je T’aime

I have this habit of looking at my Facebook memories (and also Snapchat history, for some reason) as soon as the clock strikes 12 deep into the night. And Facebook tells me that 6 years ago, around this time, I was in Paris.

I have never felt love for a city like this before.. Paris, you took my heart away ❤

My status update on Facebook, posted on March 13, 2015

It’s not just that I was in Paris. It was an almost week-long trip, so I was there a long time. But the status update I uploaded on Facebook; I remember the exact moment when I made that post. I remember exactly what I was feeling in that moment.

6 years, and it feels like yesterday!

I was going towards Pont des Arts from Place de la Concorde. Walking by the Seine, taking whatever route seemed to call out to me. Contrary to popular opinion, I found Paris to be safe. It felt freeing to walk without a care in the world, and then there’s La Seine showering her love on me through a gentle, cool breeze. I was near a bridge around Musée d’Orsay when I glanced upon Esplanade des Invalides. Invalides isn’t exactly a thriving tourist destination. Plus it was pretty late in the evening. The lights made it glow like gold, and I was immediately drawn, and yet, stuck. That moment, I still remember how it felt. Something just kicked inside me that I can’t for the life of me explain. I was overwhelmed and so, I sat down on the road, my back to the bridge near the sidewalk, La Seine behind me, Invalides in front of me, and Tour Eiffel shining its gleaming light somewhere in the distance. That was it. That was the moment I fell in love with Paris!

I don’t know why that particular moment hit me the way it did. I had been in Paris for quite some time by then and had been having the time of my life. But that particular evening, I somehow, I don’t know, became one with the city. Like I completely immersed myself into its mythic magic. Suddenly every quote I had read about Paris started to make sense. Suddenly I was ready to fight with anyone and everyone who called it an over-rated city. Suddenly, in just one single moment, I gave my heart away!

It was such a wonderful feeling. It still is!

They say Paris is poetry. That Paris is always a good idea. That a bad day in Paris is better than a good day anywhere else. And I couldn’t agree more!

The cobblestoned streets lead you from the Louvre to Champs-Élysées to Trocadéro to Bastille, and you end up experiencing a wide array of stores and people and food and street art and street artists and scamming salesmen and culture and history and fashion and vagrancy and much, much more! There’s just so much to Paris. Words will never be enough to define why it’s easily one of my favorite cities.

It’s like, the air is different in that city. It is almost surreal. With every breath you take, a bit of Paris gets mixed within your bloodstream.

And so, I sat by the bridge for a long, long time just to take it all in. It felt like a dream, but there I was, living it, breathing it. I couldn’t help but smile the entire time. I sat for a few minutes. Or maybe an hour. By the time I got back up to make my way toward Pont des Arts, I was feeling relaxed, almost post-meditative. I practically floated away to my destination, still in awe of the wonderful life I was living in that moment!

There’s a reason why its alluded as the city of love! You will fall in love with Paris, and in turn, Paris will make you fall in love with yourself all over again! ❤

– J


  1. Tegan

    Yes!!! Paris is the best! I thought it would be overhyped before going, since I had heard soooo much about it over the years, but we ended up having such a magical time there and can’t wait to go back!

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