An Ayurvedic Escapade with KOFOL

We are almost at the tail end of 2021 and yet the COVID19 pandemic continues to haunt our daily lives. Now more than ever do we need to prioritize our immunity, health, and well being.

I recently came across the Vedistry website ( and their line of products for immunity and throat pain had me impressed. So Vedistry comes from the house of Charak Pharma ( Charak Pharma ar leaders in Ayurveda for 74 years and their products are 100% natural that pass through stringent quality checks and are exported to nearly 35 countries across the globe. So naturally, I was eager to try their immunity booster products. With the pandemic still ruling our lives, I believe it was a must!

KOFOL Immunity Tablets

These immunity tablets have become my companion to keep me healthy and safe. An immunity supplement like KOFOL helps keep diseases at bay by boosting my immunity through ayurvedic and natural ingredients, including Giloy/Guduchi, Haldi, Triphala Guggul, Shunti, Manjishtha,Chitrak, Pippali, and Black Pepper.

They are so easy to eat and offer multiple benefits through a single tablet. KOFOL Immunity Tablets stimulate the production of cells that can fight off infections and ensure a speedy recovery from viral infections.

You get 60 tablets for just Rs. 175. And, you can purchase them directly through the Vedistry and Charak websites:


KOFOL Syrup is the ideal ayurvedic cough reliever that can heal any kinds of sore throat, dry cough, throat infection, or throat irritation. It’s a sugarfree cough syrup that is recommended to take when you are suffering from cough and cold. With the presence of natural anit-inflammatory herbs like Shunthi, Tulsi, Vasa, and more, this herbal syrup acts as the perfect remedy for treating sore throat the right way!

A 100ml bottle costs Rs. 82. And, you can purchase it directly through the Vedistry and Charak websites:

KOFOL Gargle

If you are like me and are clueless about what all ingredients you need to gargle, well then KOFOL Gargle will come to your rescue. It provides fast relief from throat pain, throat infection, and throat irritation. All you need to do is gargle twice a day for a soothing and cooling effect, and without leaving behind any bitter taste! Its combination of powerful herbs, including Yashtimadhu, Tulsi, Pudina, helps you get rid of sore throat and seasonal throat irritation quickly.

Image source: Vedistry website

A 100ml bottle costs Rs. 126. And, you can purchase it directly through the Vedistry and Charak websites:

KOFOL Chewable Tablets

Sore throat can be a nightmare, and it’s not possible to carry a cough syrup with you all the time. And that’s exactly where the chewable tablet comes into picture. KOFOL Chewable Tablets are easy to carry, easy to eat, quick to provide relief to your sore throat, and help you fight seasonal flu like a champ. They are very easy to get kids to eat them as well due to their chewable nature. And since they are sugarfree, they can be safely consumed by diabetics as well!

Image source: Vedistry website

You get 60 tablets for just Rs. 44. And, you can purchase them directly through the Vedistry and Charak websites:

Having this immunity kit handy has definitely made my life easier!

You can also check out Vedistry’s Facebook and Instagram pages @vedistryindia

Similarly for Charak’s Facebook and Instagram pages, follow @charakpharma

– J

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