My Experience with Rose and Gold (R&G)

Ah skincare!

What don’t we do for it. We spend tons of money, visit parlors, keep Googling for remedies to make it better. It is a never‐ending search, really. But what if that search could end?

My tryst with skincare has been, well, exhausting. But as they say, eventually you have to get back to basics. No chemicals in the world can replace the gentle touch of natural remedies. However, my work life does not leave me with much time to prepare at‐home face packs. But but but, I noticed that many experts were recommending Vitamin C serums for your skin, especially for even tone and pigmentation, which are my problem areas. My search for a decent serum led me to R&G Vitamin C Face Serum for Skin Brightening. And what a revelation it has been!

Rose and Gold (R&G) is a cruelty‐free skincare brand that prides itself in its passion for environmentalism, commitment to wellness, and dedication to only the best skincare routine. And this is reflected in their aptly titled tagline ‐ “Beauty with Purity.”

And, their products are a testament to their commitment. R&G Vitamin C Face Serum has such a wonderful texture. It absorbs into the skin smoothly and feels very light on the face. I have been using it as a part of my night‐time skincare routine and my skin feels so soft and fresh each morning. My dark spots have started getting lighter and the hydration has been doing wonders for my skin’s texture. I am someone who struggles a lot with oily skin and acne, and so this serum has been like a God‐sent to me. The benefits of Vitamin C for our skin are countless and this serum packs them all in a cute little bottle!

Image Source: Vasu Store

Few of the benefits R&G Vitamin C Face Serum offers include:

  • Evens the skintone
  • Fades dark spots
  • Helps brighten the skin
  • Promotes radiant, healthier looking skin
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Prevents premature ageing

Packaging ‐ The serum comes in a baby pink box and has a dropper along with it that makes application super easy. The bottle of the R&G Vitamin C Face Serum has a luxurious feel to it, and it very easy to carry.

Ingredients ‐ Niacinamide, Ferulic Acid and Natural Moisturizers.

Price ‐ The 25ml bottle retails for Rs. 699, but you can get a 10% discount with the code FACECARE10.

Overall, I loved the serum so much that I ended up buying the R&G Face Wash as well.

The R&G Face Wash is a gentle skin cleanser that helps to exfoliate and brighten the skin. This face wash is my go‐to for the night skincare rituals and I follow up with the serum after using this face wash. It removes dead skin, helps reduce pigmentation and dullness, and refreshes the skin overall to uncover a healthy. younger, and brighter skin. So far, I am loving the combination of the face wash and the serum.

Ingredients ‐ Licorice, Cucumber, Niacinamide, ProVitamin B5, and Glycolic Acid.

Price ‐ The 75ml bottle retails for Rs. 249, but you can get a 10% discount with the code FACECARE10.

So there you have it. Go check out these products yourself and your skin will thank you. Afterall, the new year calls for some dedicated time for self‐indulgence!

You can check out R&G’s Instagram @roseandgold_india and buy the Vitamin C serum directly from

– J

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